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quodlibet said...

I've been writing my Christmas letters for many years on 1954 Olympia De Luxe, my high school graduation present. As a reluctant user of a MacBook Pro, which never works properly, I find my typewriter infinitely more reliable, and it never tries to out-think me. It knows it is not smarter than I am.

I once had a 1954 Olympia portable with a European keyboard ( á, à, â, ^, ~, etc.) It also had an extra-long carriage for long envelopes. In the 1980s my husband told me to donate it, and in return he gave me an electric typewriter. I did, and have regretted it ever since. If I can type 60 wpm on a non-electric, and 40 wpm on an electric, there's a problem. The problem is that electric typewriters work on Murphy's Law: if you accidentally push 2 keys at once, the key you didn't want is the key that prints. I wish I could find another working Olympia with a European keyboard. The electric typewriter was a part of out family for less than a year, then was donated.